What does it mean to feel free?


 To find a way out of the darkness?

The unknown beckons.

Take the journey.

Tools To Thrive By


You’re used to getting shit done. Mind over matter.

But lately something’s missing, right?

There’s this mounting sense of self-doubt, uncertainty, and boatloads of self-criticism.

I know it. ‘Cuz I’ve been there. In that craptastic stuck place.

These are the tools that set me free.
And I want you to have them.

What Is This Flourish Thing All About?


Flourish by Design is…

A movement.
A mindset.
A toolbox.

A lovingly crafted program to get you out of fear and self-doubt and into confidence, peace, and joy.

To be your most awesome, beautiful self.

The YOU that deep down you know you can be.

Yes, please!


When You Join The Flourish by Design Program:

You get a partner, a mentor, a confidant. Your personal guide, coach and healer. Someone who has walked this terrain before you. Someone who remembered to bring the damn map!

You also get a truckload of awesome results:

  • Uncover and reprogram the limiting patterns and beliefs that aren’t working for you
  • Create new patterns and habits that actually serve you and lift you up
  • Master your mindset, rewire your brain, make shifts happen
  • Remember who you really are and fulfill your incredible potential
  • Dismantle the walls around your heart and spirit that keep you playing small
  • Shine as the YOU that you are here to be

You’ll notice:

  • Increased self-confidence
  • A big ol’ boost of self-love and self-acceptance
  • A state of flow, as you stop fighting with what is
  • Less judgment of yourself and others
  • Self-actualization and knowingness
  • An increased feeling of worthiness
  • Feeling grounded and in love with life
  • A beautifully improved relationship with yourself and others

How do I know I am ready to Flourish?

   Flourish is designed specifically for those people who are sick and tired of the status quo in their lives.

   Folks who know deep down that things could be SO much better. Easier. Light-filled. Ease-ful. Flowing. Loving. Bitchin’.

   People who are ready to lean in to the unknown, get real with themselves, and get the support and guidance to make major, head-spinning shifts in a very short period of time.

   People who are ready to change their world. Now!


I need to know more!

Who is not right for Flourish?

   This program is not right for the Lone Ranger, the person who wants to go it alone.

   This is not for folks who aren’t ready to look at their sh!t. Or take responsibility for creating their life. If you still think life happens to you, this program is not for you.

   And if you aren’t ready for real change in your life, this program really isn’t for you.

Buuuut… if you’re ready to STOP holding on for dear life to the past, to your fears, and to your self-doubt, then it’s time for you to join us!


I’m ready to say yes to me!

Get Clarity Right Now




Reach out for a complimentary call with me to get you the clarity you seek. We’ll chat for a bit (usually about 30 minutes) and you’ll come away with the clarity you need to move forward in your life.

Don’t delay, though, cuz like your favorite cheese, this free offer won’t last forever.

It starts here and now with your Discovery Session.

As in, right now! What the heck are you waiting for?


When Folks Work With Me, They Say…

I was surprised how different I felt after my heart wall was cleared. Immediately that day I felt more comfortable with myself and uninhibited, like I had changed my relationship with myself. I was like a carefree version of myself: more relaxed, energetic, and alive.

The following day I was talking with a very close friend. She reflected, “I can hear in your voice that you’re grounded.” In days that passed since then, I am simply more centered and comfortable. Less nervous. More confident.

~ Laura B.

When Folks Work With Me, They Say…

It was an honor to have you at our meeting this past Wednesday. You helped crack open many of my own thoughts, and I’ve been consciously examining my own stories ever since then. It’s been of great support to my own process of inquiry.


I see your huge heart, and I’m thankful that humans like us exist.


~Leslie Razana
Bay Area Women Against Rape, BAWAR
Volunteer & Public Outreach Coordinator

When Folks Work With Me, They Say…

I have always experienced a very low but consistent level of anxiety when interacting with people – subtle enough that I’m not sure I was aware until it was gone! It was an eagerness to please people, to make them comfortable, ultimately in hopes they would want to be around me. This is where I noticed the first major shift: I stopped worrying about what other people were thinking, and simply trusted myself. I became more comfortable in my own skin. 


This had a positive ripple effect in my life. I now maintain my boundaries with greater ease and effectiveness. I let go of anxiety that was preventing me from thriving at work and in other situations. I’ve shed that outer layer to be more ME. 


~Laura B.

When Folks Work With Me, They Say…

Anné is not only a great, active listener. She is like a reflector. To work with her is to gaze in the mirror with all the love that I could not give to myself. She saw and heard me in a way that I wished I could see and hear myself my whole life. Now I have this love when I gaze at myself. This is what the work made possible.


Anné also helped me to understand my many complicated feelings and so I learned to label them to better understand my experience. I know now when I am experiencing gratefulness, what it really feels like and also how to enjoy this feeling. Or when I am relaxing, or feeling joy, or love. I am also now more able to trust these good feelings.


About Me


Anne Klint | Healer Coach Oakland California

As your healer and coach, I’ll lead you through a process of transformative self-discovery. Together, we’ll dig deep. Find the source of the stuckness. Then the fun stuff! We get to reprogram those tired old patterns that just aren’t serving anymore.

I hold the flashlight, carry the backpack full of snacks, and side by side we find the river of your awesome true nature, and get you back into the flow of your authentic being.

Because I want you to love yourself as much as I love you.

Because I know what is possible for you, and want you to know that the world is your oyster. (Or chocolate bar. Or whatever floats your culinary boat.)

Join Us!

Yeah, you!

But only if you want to transform your life starting right this minute!

Cut cords with your fear and worry, and step into your awesome you-ness.

Find a more easeful life, with hella more joy and boat-loads of love.

We never ever ever share your info.

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