2017! What a Kick in the Pants

2017 - Smoke obscures the sunWow! 2017! What a kick in the pants.


We were ravaged.

Here in the United States:    Houston. Soaked in a Superfund slurry. US Virgin Islands. Demolished. Puerto Rico. An unconscionable humanitarian crisis, despite all the paper towels tossed their way. California. Largest, deadliest, most expensive fires in state history.

We were confused.

We were made, once again, to face painful truths about our culture as an older, rich, white guy shot an unfathomable number of fellow humans in Las Vegas. This event overshadowed the thousands of others violently injured or killed in our great nation last year, of whom an enormous number were children.

We were dis-empowered.

These events, by the hand of nature or the hand of human, left many of us in a chronic dis-empowered state. These problems, in conjunction with the current political climate, where power is served and the masses are denied (yet again), left us reeling and stunned. What can I alone do to make a difference? We were made to face the uncomfortable realization that we have much more work to do.

But we found our voice.

Holy hashtag, Robin! Women in America have had enough! We’re seriously sick and tired and we’re NOT going to take it anymore! Pussy grabbers, consider yourself m0therf-ing warned.

Above all, we persevered.

Even so, we did what the living do. (We are still here!) And what I’m sensing now is a renewal coming from so many, and on many layers. A readiness to face what we “perceive” went wrong last year, learn from it, and reinvest in what we believe. And, importantly, to do the work necessary to see and affect the change we continue to want and need in the world (and in our own private lives).

Last year – I saw you! – we worked our asses off (as much as pervasive dis-empowerment and confusion would allow). We continued to invest in ourselves, in our vision of what is possible for our lives, both personally and professionally. There is a season for all things. And I believe we will see the efforts of our awakenings paired with the groundwork we’ve completed come to fruition in 2018.

To hell with resolutions.

You’ve probably already set your intentions for the year, and have been releasing the old in favor of the fresh (both in your fridges and in your hearts and minds). As we sink our teeth deeper into the New Year, I ask you to keep in mind the following:

What worked for you last year?

Even if things didn’t “go” the way you thought they would, certainly there is something to be celebrated. Celebrating what worked is like asking for a second helping of your favorite dish (without the calories or having to wear stretchy pants). Do it – with reckless abandon!

What lessons presented that you continue to learn from?

What can you take away from last year’s experiences that will make this year easier, more fulfilling, more joyful, or more profitable? Take notes and mind them. They are your road map.

How can you grow into the next iteration of YOU?

Inside each one of us is some longing or another. It may be for better health, more vitality, more creativity, more income, or deeper relationships. What single thing can you do today to move you one tiny (or huge) step closer to satisfying that desire?

Well, what are you waiting for? Get out there and do it. Be the change agent of your own life, and in the process, you’ll be making positive change for all of us. And remember, I got you!

One love in 2018 (and beyond).

With gratitude,