2019. Wild, wild horses.

2019 word of the year2019 has been a wild ride! The energy of this year was fast and furious, like wild stallions riding across a vast plain. All year, I felt the drumbeat of so many hooves and felt the energy pushing everything forward, at a ferocious pace.


Did you feel it? The pressure? The time-warp speed of everything? It was exhilarating, and at times excruciating.


We were riding the wave sometimes, tumbled below the surface at others. It sometimes seemed difficult to catch our collective breath.


If last year was in any way a wake up call to your truth (from your Expanded Self), 2020 will be like a bucket of ice water.


We are all being asked to shed our attachments to that which does not serve.


This is our attachment to fear, to pain, to suffering of any kind. To the illusion of unworthiness. To conditional love. To our comfort zones.

Word of the year:

If there was one word to sum up 2019, my pick would be trauma. Take a listen around you and you’ll hear it as so many of us are waking up to the reality that we are living out (reenacting) traumas from our past.


Whether they are big T traumas, or what I call innocent traumas, we all have something. Surgeries, accidents, birth trauma, assault, not to mention cultural, intergenerational, or secondhand trauma.


And these traumas are acting relentlessly upon our individual and collective nervous systems, like a stuck reflex or a switch that’s difficult (but not impossible) to turn off.


For me personally, 2019 brought a much-needed and even deeper layer of healing in regards to past physical traumas that have been draining my energy system for years. It can take time to get to the root layer, but it’s so worth it; to feel greater peace, to feel at home in your skin, to bring the past to the light for cleansing and ultimately embracing.


More often than not, our identities are wrapped up in stories that obscure the truth of who we are. Stories like: I am this way/My life is this way because I’m adopted, or, I was assaulted, or because of that car accident, or because of the patriarchy.


While these things may be a very real part of your past or current life experience, they have nothing to do with the truth of who you are. It’s all surface. It’s a distraction and a deflection of your inner light.


It is this very distraction that keeps us in separation. And separation = suffering. And 2020 ain’t got no kind of patience for suffering.


Pain? That’s inevitable, but suffering? That’s all on us.


Moving into 2020

We have been and continue to be asked to purge, to shed our old wounds, to heal from the past, and release our attachments to 3D reality.


By releasing these attachments, we become attuned to the flow of unconditional love. We remove the barriers and roadblocks that keep us in lack, in not-enoughness, in dissatisfaction. We rise above the petty concerns of the ego. We embrace our oneness with All That Is.


What is coming in 2020 is even faster, more disruptive, and thus ripe for massive transformation. The time is now to do the work necessary to be clear from the pains of your past, to be present to your present, and to cleanly step into what is coming.


In every moment, we get to choose if we will be bowled over and turned asunder with the energy of transformation that is all around us, of if we will rather flow with it, and grow with it.


Flowing and growing means releasing those attachments which hurt us, and strengthening those attachments which continue to feed and nourish us. It means we no longer fight with reality. It means we ALLOW. We surrender. We love. We love. We love. And laugh. And BE.


If you want to do any clearing or healing specific to this, I highly encourage you to book an energy healing appointment with me and gain momentum with this very important work.


We are evolving! It isn’t always the most comfortable process, and yet it can also be breathtaking, playful, and fun. If you’re reading this, you’re already on the ride, no getting off now! 


Essential questions to ask at the New Year:

To best prepare for the coming year and all that it has to offer, following are a few questions to stimulate curiosity and clarity. You can download a free worksheet here

Take a look at the 11 most important sectors of life:

  1. Your Relationships & Intimacy
  2. Your Friendships & Social Life
  3. Your Fun Life Adventures
  4. Your Home Environment
  5. Your Physical Health and Fitness
  6. Your Intellectual Life (Learning and growth)
  7. Your Spiritual Life
  8. Your Creativity
  9. Your Community
  10. Your Career or Business
  11. Your Financial Life

Start with just one sector, or group the sectors into four categories and begin with one:

Health (Physical, Intellectual, Home Environment)
Happiness (Relationships, Intimacy, Adventures)
Inner Well-Being (Spirituality, Creativity)
Outer Well-Being (Community, Career, Finances)


Step 1: What was the predominant emotional landscape, or feelings associated with that sector or group in 2019?

Step 2: How did you show up in 2019? Were you standing in your integrity?

Step 3: What were your primary growth opportunities (aka challenges) and deepest learnings in 2019?

Step 4: What are your expectations for 2020? What do you want to experience more of? Less of?

Step 5: What single thing can you do today to create the life you want in 2020?

Step 6: What went really well for me in 2019? What is crying out to be celebrated?


You can download Six Pivotal Steps For Fruitful Growth here. There are quite a few more prompts in the worksheet to help you gain clarity to co-create your best year yet: 2020!