Forget Resolutions. Write This Instead.

why resolutions don't workF Resolutions.


For as long as I can remember, the passing of a New Year held a little extra shine for me. No matter what’s going on in my life or in the world, the New Year provides a good measure of hope that anything is possible. It’s a clean state.


Back in the day, I remember setting resolutions for myself. They’d be dusty by February, and they always left an icky residue.


I didn’t understand it then, but there is a reason why resolutions often “fail” and a reason it feels so icky when they do.


Resolutions rarely work because we come at them from a place of not-enoughness, judgment and lack. Faulty, crappy thinking.


We feel bad about our weight, so we resolve to lose some of it.


We feel guilt about how much alcohol we’ve been drinking, so we resolve to cut it out for a few weeks.


Or we feel some shame about how we’ve been treating our once-in-a-lifetime vessel, so we resolve to go to the gym.


Nevermind that some of us hate the gym.


Actions that are motivated by shame, lack, or unworthiness – that are fueled by thoughts that simply confirm how unworthy or unlovable or imperfect we are – will seldom, if ever, produce the results we crave.


It’s like flogging a dead horse. And then when we fail, we get EVEN MORE validation of our unworthiness. It’s the shame spiral of hell.


A much more valuable exercise would be to ask, “Why do I want to lose weight? What will losing weight do for me? How will I feel about myself, and the world, and food, etc etc etc, if I lose 10 pounds?”


The important part is how you will feeeeel. Never ever ever what the scale says.


Because when you know how you want to feel, then you can set an intention. The feeling you are after is where you want to steer your high-vibe ship. And if you stay with that intention, you steer your ship exactly where you want to go.


Enter 2020. We’re off to a tumultuous start, do you agree? Fires. Iran. Earthquakes. We’re barely two weeks in!


Do you feel like having a solid direction for the year would help you not only create what you want to experience, but maybe also keep ya kinda, well, grounded?


Do you wish there was another way to chart a course for the year that felt better than failed resolutions? Not so icky?


Do you long for a system to get you where you want to go, without the heartache of failed resolutions?


This month at Inner Sanctuary, we got you! We’re not only ditching resolutions, we’re setting intentions, and then supercharging them into our 2020 Manifesto!


We heartily invite you to join us this Sunday. (We meet the last Sunday of every month, except Jan & Feb and holiday weekends.)


We meet online, using Zoom. Come in your PJs if you want. We close each session with a powerful energy activation/healing/meditation that leaves you feeling inspired, connected, alive and in love with your life.


Inner Sanctuary is in it’s second beautiful year, and if last year is any indication, it’s going to be a fantastic year for deep healing, communing, and shifting both YOUR energy and the energy of the PLANET. 

Get all the deets and RSVP here


Got questions? Reach out and we’ll get it sorted.


To your Flourishing in 2020,



P.S. Join us on Sunday, January 19th at 11am PST to Write Your 2020 Manifesto! Want to feel more peace, satisfaction, more energy, or more love in 2020? Bring it! Pick up a new master tool to chart a course in the direction of the life you really want – whatever that is!