online self-compassion retreat

Take refuge within.

What if you could go on retreat every month?
Make time for your inner knowing to come forth…
Reset to find your north star…
Rebalance heart and mind…

Want to deepen your intuition? Remind yourself of what is truly most important to you?

Do you want to bring an end to your inner battles, your negative self-talk, your energy leaks? Want to embrace greater levels of self-compassion and self-acceptance?

Can you take just 90 minutes each month to devote solely to your growth?

If yes, then I invite you to Inner Sanctuary, a once-a-month online circle held in a retreat format to bring clarity to your deepest desires and healing to your hidden wounds.

Inner Sanctuary is open to women and men who are willing to enter and hold safe space, go deep, and find their center. Each session will begin with an ease-ful guided meditation, followed by inquiry, journal writing, and discussion. We’ll close the circle with a group energy healing.

The purpose of the Inner Sanctuary retreat series is to expand your self-awareness and supercharge your self-compassion. To that end, we’ll explore new topics each month and with the exception of February, we will meet on the last Sunday of the month. Inner Sanctuary begins January 27th, 2019.

Realign || Retreat || Make Sundays Sublime Again.

Visit my event listings on Eventbrite for details and to register.