Intuition, huh?

Use your intuition Photo by Wyron A on UnsplashIntuition, huh! What is it good for? Absolutely something!

What is intuition?


Intuition is your very own internal GPS system. Within each of our (sometimes) messy minds and beautiful bodies lies a super power. A navigational system so precise, it puts Google Maps to shame.


It’s pretty darn cool, and most of us are not using it to its fullest potential (myself often included in the count).


Intuition is your very own navigational hardware and software all rolled into one. And you take it with you everywhere you go.


Yes, you my dear, are deeply intuitive. You may not always be listening, but your intuition is definitely talking.


Even if you’ve never thought much about your intuitive capabilities, for sure you’ve had experiences where you knew who was calling when the phone rang, or you knew to step off the street right before a truck came barreling down on you, or something told you to miss the meeting where the stomach virus was shared with all in attendance. Thanks, intuition!



Why can’t I hear my intuition talking to me?


We weren’t taught to follow our intuition, or our inner guidance. There are many possible reasons why you may not be aware of this inner voice yammering away at you day after day. Here are a few:

  • We all went to school and had to memorize facts. The more we memorized facts, the more we were rewarded. We therefore became conditioned to rely on external information over inner guidance.
  • Most of us look outside ourselves for information. We ask for advice from people we trust. We tend to over-rely on others. Obviously, we sometimes NEED external support to work through our issues, that’s how I make my living, after all. There’s a balance there, is what I’m saying.
  • It’s possible that no one ever told you that your inner voice is talking to you constantly.
  • Actively listening to your intuition takes practice, and requires you to be quiet amidst the cacophony of modern life.
  • The Internet now “knows” everything. We spend way too much time in front of screens, rather than with ourselves.
  • The analytical mind is the opposite of the intuitive mind. Intuition is more closely related to our emotional mind, yet the modern world demands our analytical attention, which is where we tend to linger.
  • Our pineal gland (the hardware that allows us to connect to our intuition) needs to be detoxified or decalcified.



How to develop your intuition.


A great first step towards developing a keener intuitive sense is a regular meditation or mindfulness practice. When you set a daily appointment with yourself and your subconscious, you are intentionally creating space for your intuition to be heard.


Feel into the energy of your gut. You have huge bundles of nerves in the area around your diaphragm and around your naval. Think of these nerves as many tiny antennae picking up signals. What does your tummy feel like when you ask for or receive a sign?


Here are some other options to help you develop your intuition:


Set aside some quiet time to be with yourself. Ask a question of yourself like, should I move to Santa Fe or stay in Oakland? Then go into a meditative state, or a trance state (binaural beats or drumming is perfect for this) and see what bubbles up.


Go for a walk in nature and be present with your environment. Set an intention before you start out to have your inner guidance be presented to you while you move.


Do a writing exercise using stream of consciousness of free association. Set an intention first, then set a timer for ten or twenty minutes. Using music, either baroque or Indian ragas, helps to loosen the lock to your subconscious mind.


Remind yourself that your intuition is here to serve you, that the answers are inside (and in the field around you), and that you are open to receive.



How to trust your intuition.


The world conspires against our intuition. We are simply “too busy” or too overwhelmed with the activities of daily life to listen well to our intuition.


And then because we’re not used to listening, we don’t always understand the messages we receive. Or we don’t like the message we hear. (Ahem, it’s time to stop drinking.)


To begin trusting your intuition, it’s best to start asking small questions. Ask for guidance that won’t upend your life. Things like: should I turn left here, should I wear blue today, should I eat beans or tuna for lunch? Then just listen. You might feel a response, you might hear a word, or you might feel a tingle in your body.


If you really want to trust your intuition, you need to get past your ego. My “little mind” is always telling me I “should” be doing this or that, or having this or that kind of experience.


Usually when I get quiet, I get different responses.


Remember, your “little mind” reasons, your intuitive mind senses.



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What happens when we don’t listen to our intuition?


Bad stuff happens when we don’t listen to our intuition! Over the last seven years, NOT listening to my intuition has actually cost me $10,000 in medical bills. I’m talking 10K in cold, hard cash. Yes, ten thousand dollars left my bank account because I didn’t heed the voice in my head.


The first incident in 2012 left me in the hospital for five days with an abscess that required intensive antibiotic infusions. I didn’t have insurance at the time and it cost me $8000.


The second incident last year was more harmless, though still costly. I was at my brother’s house, about to leave for a three-day camping trip on the way home from Colorado Springs to Oakland. I “needed” to do a load of laundry. All he had on hand were Tide pods with Febreze. (I do not recommend them.)


A barrage of thoughts went through me as I held the Tide pod in my hand. What are these pods made of? How does it stay liquid inside and not melt through? Will I have some sort of reaction to this?


A clear voice told me not to use the pod. But I didn’t think far enough ahead to just use hot water, look for baking soda or vinegar, or just not worry about the laundry.


I tossed the pod in, my little mind reminding me that I’d never had a reaction to Tide (even though I only use free and clear products).


After three days of camping, popping Benadryl like tic-tacs, and fun hives that continued to spread over my entire body, I ended up in a Nevada ER to be treated for a systemic allergic reaction.


You could say that I’m pretty hard-headed sometimes.


Learn from my mistakes, please. Fail to listen long or often enough and your intuition will speak to you in ways that you will best understand. For me, it takes me out at the knees, and hits me where it hurts most: my physical body and my bank account.




Why should we develop our intuition? 


Besides saving us time, money and heartache, our intuition has a great deal of information to offer us; information that has a profound affect on our ability to self-actualize, to know better health outcomes, and to have richer relationships and life experiences.


Still, I think it’s pretty cool to know who is calling before you see the home screen light up.


But even better, we have the ability to access a great deal of information from the ever-present quantum field of which we are a part. The quantum field carries electro-magnetic frequencies, and these frequencies carry information.


Think for a moment of your TV as the hardware that picks up signals from the field, or atmosphere, and translates them to information you can understand (i.e. pictures). Your pineal gland, which sits in the middle of your brain, is doing the same thing. It is the hardware that receives information from the field.


You can think of this information as a knowingness; and you can think of the pineal gland as the hardware that translates the information you seek into something your brain can understand.


Which job offer should I take?

Should I invest more into this relationship, or call it quits?

What are the underlying causes of my health issues?


All the answers you seek are available to you. You simply need to be clear, be present, and ask.


I’d love to hear from you – when was the last time you heard loud and clear from your intuition?


Want to learn more practical ways to be better in tune with your intuition? Come to my wellness talk in Alameda, CA on August 22. We’ll be activating our pineal glands and the energy center of the third eye. And then go deep with me on August 25 for Inner Sanctuary.