Miracle Morning: Or, How I keep from going batshit crazy

File Feb 09, 5 27 33 PMAbout a year ago or so I read the Miracle Morning for Network Marketers, by Hal Elrod. I have always loved the morning and taking time in the early hours of the day to get my head on straight. I had no idea there was a whole process that all “highly successful people” employ in one form or another. It’s called the Miracle Morning, and is easily remembered as LifeSAVERS. And it has been saving my life, especially during chaotic times.

All those motivational types LOVE using acronyms. And Hal is no different.

S – Silence (Meditation, prayer, mindfulness)
A – Affirmations (Those present tense, I am statements)
V – Visualization (You know, in your minds eye)
E – Exercise (Yes, that)
R – Reading
S – Scribing (Ye Olde Tymie word for writing)

Now, I must confess that I don’t always do all the SAVing every day. But I always sit in silence. And I always exercise, even if it’s just a quick walk around the block.

What else keeps me grounded? Simply having a routine. Mine typically goes like this:

  • Hot lemon water and kombucha first thing
  • Walk around the block
  • Meditate
  • Whole fruit smoothie (drink a portion, then save the rest for after workout)
  • 7 minute HIIT workout
  • Foam roll lower and upper legs, front and back, hips and glutes, middle-upper back
  • Shower (if it’s a shower day – we’re in a drought!) and get dressed
  • Then I look quickly at some inspiring feeds (reading and affirmations), then I check email
  • Never ever do I check email or news without first meditating
  • Get to work (which often will include writing)
  • Follow the fruit smoothie with vegan protein shake when hunger presents

Time for you to get to work! Thanks for stopping by!