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Six Pivotal Steps for Fruitful Growth, Help with transition

Please download and enjoy the list of Six Pivotal Steps you can take for Fruitful Growth. Each step includes catalyzing questions that once answered will help you see where you are coming from as well as chart a path to where you want to go. Use this inquiry at the New Year, or at any transitional period in your life.

Download your print ready file here: 6 Pivotal Steps for Fruitful Growth

heal pain heal anxiety fix end

Please download and use the Self-Inquiry Guide to get clear on and then shift your experience of pain and/or anxiety. Using this process will help you to understand if your pain or anxiety is caused by your mind, and if so, to bring an end to somatic pain and anxiety.

Download your print ready file here: Self-Inquiry to End Pain and Anxiety


One of the healing modalities I use with my clients is called Emotion Code. I like to say that our energy field is like a beautiful spider web and each person’s is totally unique. From time to time in our lives, a big dust storm can blow all manner of debris into our web, sometimes even breaking some strands and cluttering up the web. We can use the Emotion Code to clean up and restore our web, which is to say, heal from our past traumas by releasing the energy charge associated with our past painful experiences. We also use it to release that which we inherit from our ancestors. Unless you have experienced energetic healing, it can be difficult to explain, so watch this video from Dr. Bradley Nelson, The Emotion Code founder to learn a bit more.

PSYCH-K® is an extremely powerful energetic healing modality that I use with clients to facilitate a whole-brain state around specific goals. A whole-brain state is a balanced brain state between the left and right hemispheres as well as where the subconscious mind is in alignment with the conscious mind. This allows my clients to bring an end to repeating patterns and self-sabotage. This video does a good and succinct job at explaining why you can’t just think positive thoughts, or practice affirmations to change your life. It just doesn’t work that way!

This is a growing archive of helpful videos on harmful habits, negative thought patterns, radical self-acceptance and self-compassion and more. To view, just click on the downward pointing arrow at the top left corner to choose what suits you in this moment. Or make some popcorn and watch them all. 😉


Here I am in conversation with Kara at Receptor Health, where I share a bit about my story and how energetic healing can benefit women on their journey to physical health. Cuz ain’t it the truth that our emotional/spiritual health plays hardball with our physical body?