If you’ve landed here, chances are good

that you…


♥ Never felt like you belonged in your family of origin, and have more or less felt like an outsider since then

♥ Are always second guessing yourself or shape shifting to try to fit in — never being authentically yourself

♥ Are flirting with emotional or physical burnout, trying to make it happen, constantly lone-wolfing it, and operating at an energy deficit

♥ Don’t trust that there’s a place where you belong or that the universe has your back – like you’re out in the middle of the ocean with a rowboat and only one oar

We’re here to tell you: You DO belong. 

There is a place where you can be seen and heard. Where you can be yourself and be loved just as you are. Where it’s safe to share the longing of your heart. Where you can be celebrated. Where you can feel less alone. 

That place is the Sacred Sanctuary

It’s an inclusive community circle, like a grove of celestial trees connecting heaven and earth, sharing love, compassion, and inspiration, and linking arms for mutual transformation.

The Sacred Sanctuary supports your healing and transformation in these key ways:

It’s an emotionally and energetically safe space to take your masks off and learn to be real, vulnerable and authentic in order to be a more loving, powerful, creative YOU.

It’s a playground for you to uncover and/or deepen your connection to the Divine, to your intuition, and your highest knowing.

It’s an amplified energetic space where you’ll receive the downloads you need to integrate your healing more quickly so that you can step more fully into your juicy (and fun!) soul work.

You’ll link arms with and be supported by other soul-centered women (“The Grove”) on a mission to create lives they love, all the while making a difference in the world.

We’ll journey through the year together with a new theme each month.

The monthly themes will support your healing and awakening by removing your blocks to loving and trusting yourself and to trusting in and receiving Divine support. This is how you will at last fulfill the longing of your heart and create the life you desire. 

These transformational offerings are included in the Sacred Sanctuary:

Inner Sanctuary with Anné 1x per month. Each meeting offers a new topic that supports your spiritual growth and actualization. There’s time for reflection, sharing, and we always include a group healing/activation. ($79 value)

Live group coaching/Q&A call with Anné 1x per month. Work through any challenges presented in our work in Inner Sanctuary, or any other curveballs the Universe sends your way. ($279 value)

Live meditation with Anné 1x per month. Amplify your spiritual practice by meditating in a live group setting once per month. ($39 value)

Moon Magic Ceremony with Anné 1x per month. We’ll reflect on the invitation and challenges presented by the current moon phase as we share in sacred communal ceremony together. ($79 value)

Support of the Grove. This is a community-led support circle, live on zoom, for Sanctuary members to connect, share, learn from, encourage and inspire each other. Led by the community, Anné will not be present. (priceless!)

Weekly reflection questions relating to our monthly theme to catalyze your self-awareness and deepen your spiritual practice. ($29 value)

Four virtual sacred healing retreats per year, one retreat per season (near the Solstices and Equinoxes) to catalyze your healing and accelerate your transformation. ($179 each, $716 annual value)

** Yes! Recordings will be available if you can’t attend the sessions live.

Seasonal Self-Love Retreats

As a member of the Sacred Sanctuary, you’ll have automatic entry to a virtual half-day retreat every season near the Summer and Winter Solstice and the Spring and Fall Equinox. Think of it as a journey of self-love and self-mastery that is guided by seasonal rhythms.

Here’s a snapshot of what to expect:

Summer Solstice: Self-Love in the service of Personal Power (Your powerful, soul-led life starts by owning your value and your worth.)

Fall Equinox: Self-Love in the service of Deepening Your Intuition (trusting yourself and the Divine)

Winter Solstice: Self-Love and Radical Self-Care in the service of Ascension (Raise your vibe and honor your energy blueprint to connect with your highest wisdom.)

Spring Equinox: Self-Love in the service of Your Highest Self-Expression (Own and speak your truth to create your most love- and joy-filled year yet.)

The Sacred Sanctuary Investment:

Your investment for your communal, immersive healing journey is $97 per month or $970 annually (get 2 months free with the annual plan).

Admission to the Sacred Sanctuary is by invitation only at this time. 

To be invited, please complete this application and if it feels aligned, Anné will reach out to schedule an introduction call.

The Ascension Sanctuary

Want to accelerate your transformation with one-on-one time with Anné? 

For those who feel called to take their healing journey to a much deeper level in order to magnify and enhance their transformation, please consider joining The Ascension Sanctuary.

The Ascension Sanctuary includes all of the above offerings in Sacred Sanctuary plus a 90-minute one-on-one energy healing immersion session with Anné every season. (Four total per year.) These sessions can be used for spiritual growth but are recommended as tune-up sessions for Born to Flourish program alums.

For the deep healing of past pain and trauma, please ask Anné about the Born to Flourish program to see if you are a good candidate.

The Ascension Sanctuary Investment:

Your investment for this communal, immersive healing journey with additional one-on-one healing support from Anné is $197 per month or $1970 annually (get 2 months free with the annual plan).

**Admission to the Ascension Sanctuary is by invitation only at this time. 

To be invited, please complete this application and if it feels aligned, Anné will reach out to schedule an introduction call.