Standing at the edge of the void

I normally keep this kind of stuff to myself, but recently a friend encouraged me to share this vision with my community.

Around the time of the fall equinox, I was doing some business planning with my cohort in the biz coaching program I participate in. All was well as I reflected on the previous season and the inner and outer accomplishments, lessons and growth I could celebrate.

But once we shifted into planning the coming season, I had a total meltdown. I started crying uncontrollably and pacing around the room, wholly unable to sit with my calendar. The idea of plotting next steps in my biz was completely unthinkable.

When I closed my eyes, all I could see was a huge black void. As though I was standing at the edge of an abyss. The event horizon of a black hole.

It felt like death to me. And I felt totally paralyzed by it. (Hence the wailing and gnashing of teeth…)

Do I enter the abyss? Try to jump over it? Go around it? Nothing seemed viable.

So I waited. And cried a lot more.

Weeks go by without relief and I have another vision.

It becomes clear to me that I have to enter the void. It no longer feels like death, though you better believe I’m not sure about entering.

But once inside, I feel a sense of peace and calm. There are glittery flashes of light here and there to illuminate the path. There’s an odd sense of weightlessness, like astronauts somersaulting in outer space.

Somehow I reach another edge and I exit what was previously an impenetrable, terrifying void. I have reentered the land of the living.

And what I saw rocked me.

From this new perspective, I realize that everything on the first side of the void is upside-down and I am now right-side-up.

In a flash, I got it. All of my old thinking, old beliefs, old ways of being were upside-down. In fact, the whole world as I knew it was upside-down. But I couldn’t see it as such until I got through the darkness.

The strife, the discord, the pain we have inflicted upon each other and the planet: upside-down.

My old wounds, emotional pain, self-criticism and self-doubt: upside-down. All of it.

In the right-side-up world? Peace. Equanimity. Love. Ascension. Freedom.

We are creating a new world, but there must be a death of the old first. And we won’t always be able to recognize where we are in the process cuz it’s messy AF.

There have been and will be more tears. The old upside-down ways of power-over, domination, and coercion will not go without a fight, I can promise you that.

But there is a way forward! We are all being called to create that right-side-up world in every moment, with every breath, with every glittery loving thought and word.

The void is this great initiation into what awaits all of us who are willing to enter.

The initiation continues.

Are you willing to enter the void, face your fears and co-create the right-side-up world with us? A world where love and the sacred feminine prevail?

A world where upside-down systems, beliefs and the wounds they cause are no more?

I hope so and I really want you to know you’re not alone.

Big Right-Side-Up Love in 2022,

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