Supplements I can’t go without

File-Feb-09,-6-16-09-PMOur bodies have different needs at different times. As we age, we may need digestive support in the way of enzymes. Or hormonal support as, ahem, things start to change. How we eat will affect our neurotransmitters, and stress can deplete the body of precious minerals and vitamins. And even our DNA will predispose some of us to require supplementation, at least until we can turn off the negatively expressing gene SNPs hiding in our cells. In fact, epigenetics tells us that supplementation is in fact sometimes required to make that shift.


For this phase of my life, my body and mind thrive when I consume the following:

  • Pure Encapsulations B Complex Plus (with MetaFolin to address DNA and support energy)
  • Pure Encapsulations P-5-P 50 (for burning feet and adrenal support)
  • NOW L-Tryptophan 500mg (mood and sleep support)
  • Premier Research Labs Adaptagen R-3 (hormone and sleep support)
  • Arbonne Digestion Plus (probiotics, prebiotics, and digestive enzymes to support proper gut health and function)
  • Arbonne Greens Balance (super charges anti-oxidant intake, boosts energy)

I also take Iodine, D3/K2 combo, a sublingual B12 and vitamin C. As needed, I’ll add in magnesium, calcium and GABA. Damn that’s a lot!

Of course, none of this works without consistently eating really healthy meals with tons of veggies and fresh fruits, clean proteins and limited grains. I enjoy fermented foods, bone broth, and green smoothies in addition to what you see above.

I am confident that as I continue to heal my gut, and heal the emotional traumas of my past, my body’s needs will continue to shift and I won’t need to take so many supplements.

And while I know that technically speaking, protein powder is not a supplement, this deserves a Very Honorable Mention. I love and will not go without Arbonne protein powder for the energy it delivers. Arbonne’s clean, soy-free vegan protein absolutely helped my adrenals recover after total burnout and collapse in 2014. I’ve tried a lot of different proteins and this one is the best in term of how it makes my body feel. And it tastes great, too.

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Happy thriving!