What 2016 Left Behind

What 2016 Left BehindI heard many saying good riddance to 2016 because, for a lot of us, this past year really kicked our asses. In so many ways, however, 2016 brought to bear many powerful gifts, disguised though they may have been.

For me, 2016 was the year for learning. I cannot even begin to count how many books I devoured in my quest for more knowledge to propel me forward on my healing journey and to empower others to do the same. My favorites? You Can Heal Your Life (Louise Hay), Rising Strong (Brené Brown), and Loving What Is (Byron Katie).

I also (re)learned how healing fruit can be! This sounds so silly, but after suffering for years with hypoglycemia (I hate being hangry, don’t you?!) this year taught me that by eating fruit properly, I’m able to beat that condition. And the best part is that I had forgotten how much pleasure is derived from eating these sweet treats, as though we’re genetically wired to enjoy it (um…because we are).

I spent a ridiculous amount of time and energy (and money, holy moly) on my personal and spiritual growth in 2016. I took up meditation; I learned the power of gratitude, and I explored new modalities like sound healing. I traveled to Mexico, where I rebirthed through a traditional sweat lodge. I hired gifted healers whose work is difficult to describe in words, but whose facilitation changed me in so many powerful ways for the better.

I hired a business coach to help me distill my broad Gemini skills and passions into a beautiful container through which I will be able to affect the change I know I am here to make. (Exciting updates coming soon on this!)

2016 gave Raul and me an insatiable wanderlust that we were gratefully able to pursue. We traveled collectively to eight destinations in 2016 on our quest to see more, do more, share more, and be more.

The ass-kicking came in the form of… So. Many. Losses. Our people lost family members and loved ones. Our city lost unspeakable talent and vigor and exuberance in just one night in December. Our culture lost so many talented, iconic, and influential individuals that we could hardly keep count.

In her wake, 2016 leaves behind much uncertainty: political and cultural, national and global. It is too painful and scary for me to do anything other than see it as a call to action. For me, it is a rekindled desire to strengthen the ties that bind us. For it is in the beautiful, connected, and shared trenches of our daily lives that we can make the most impact.

2016 leaves behind an intense appeal for courage and clarity: to know and then do what is right for me personally, in my community, nationally, and globally. Courage to keep going, to speak my truth and live my truth. And to find solace in my relationships and in my creative practice.

{ { And jeez, if you’ve read this far, you must really love me, because this is some long-winded shit here. I want you to know that I love you too! } }

It seems fitting that 2016 left us with a new moon in her final days. The time is NOW! To leave behind those thoughts, patterns, and cycles that no longer serve us. It is time to embrace the uncertain future with empowered action, knowing what is right for us, and what is true for us. Our voices need to be heard!

Looking to the year ahead, my wish for all of us is simple: clarity of purpose, a renewal of our collective creative expression (whatever that may be for you), and a commitment to our truth, our purpose, our convictions, and our happiness.

We’re one week in. We get to decide how the rest of the days will go through our choice to either react or respond to all that is surely coming our way. No matter what, there will be a lot to learn, and hopefully, a whole lot of love to share.

To your health, with love,

Anné Klint

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