Witnessing Death

In my intimate conversations with some of my clients and you, my beloved readers, I am repeatedly struck by the intense life situations that many of you are experiencing.


It’s so clear that so many of us are witnessing and feeling the macro and the micro converging. What’s happening on the larger global scale is mirrored so clearly on the personal scale for us right now.


The unrest and the quest for justice are mirrored in your urge (and hesitancy) to speak your truth boldly.


The fires ravaging California and New Mexico mirror the personal reckoning happening within so many of us.


The total lack of certainty or ability to control the pandemic/shut down is made more visceral by our own realizations that death is at the doorstep.


By death, I mean the end of the old ways. The changing of the guard. The destruction of systems of oppression, patriarchy, elitism, classism.


Whatever struggle you are dancing with right now, it has its counterpart in the collective. Here we all are, dancing and struggling separate, yet together.



I am witnessing someone I love do the slow dance with death.


His body withers.


It’s like the forest and grasslands overcome with flames.


It’s a transmutation. The dissolving of one form in order to create or become something new.


I am struck by how a life and a body can represent so much more. His vessel ravaged by cancer feels like the deep pain and unrest in Kenosha, in Minneapolis, in Albuquerque, in Louisville, in Oakland.


I am witnessing my own emotions within this experience. It hurts. I am afraid.


I am longing and yearning. For him not to die. For justice. For peace. For all of us not to suffer.


I am considering his legacy. What he taught us, how he loved us, what he will leave behind.



What is the fire’s legacy? The protest’s legacy?


What is the legacy of the whole of humanity up to 2020? What has history [herstory!] taught us?


How have we lived?


How have we loved?


What will the fires leave behind?




If you want to share your own intense life situation with me – be it a death, transmutation, or a rebirth – I want to hear it, witness you in it and guide you to your next place of growth. Reach out to me here and we’ll find a time to connect.