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Who I work with:

So you’re interested in making some change in your life? Does this sound like you?

You’re a woman, in your mid 30s to early 50s. You have reached some level of success in your work (whatever ‘success’ means to you), but you are not where you want to be yet. You sometimes feel confused, tapped out, and stuck. It feels at times like you are at war with yourself.

You are curious about, or may have already started, a meditation practice or other self-reflective practice. You sense that something is missing in your life, though you may not know exactly what it is.

You struggle quietly with self-doubt, self-judgment, and sometimes (shhh….) shame. You know there is more out there for you, but the fear factor keeps you playing smaller than you’d like. You also fear time might be running out.

You are talented, conscientious, hard-working, and driven. (Basically, you’re a badass.) You enjoy excelling in your work, but you also place high demands on both yourself and others. The bar is high. You dance with perfectionism. Your self-talk isn’t as empowering as you’d like it to be.

You might be facing a big transition, one in which your identity is on the line. You may be seeking greater connection with others. You may be calling in a life partner. You want to break free from the downward cycles that you notice in your life. You are ready to heal the wounds of the past, and ready to really feel free. 

You may or may not realize that you crave a deeper connection with yourself and with Source/God/All That Is.

You definitely want to live the fullest life possible! A life ruled by choices and opportunities. A life where true intimacy is possible, and where self-compassion is the norm, not the exception. You want a guide to help you find healing, or a system of tools to get unstuck, stay unstuck, and be truly empowered.

You want emotional freedom, you want to feel grounded, and you want clarity. (And did I mention that you want it now?!)

Simply put, you want more love and ease in your life.

Well, hallelujah darling, you’ve come to the right place.

Why? Because I was in that place once too.

My journey through the dark, dark night, and the tools I used to climb out into the light seeded the Flourish movement. My training in state-of-the-art mindset and emotional healing tools (PSYCH-K, Emotion Code, Reiki, Energy Transmission), coupled with deeply compassionate listening and coaching skills, provide you with the opportunity to take a loving look at what has made you YOU, heal old wounds, and learn to reprogram the neural networks that keep you stuck.

But let’s be real, this work is not right for everyone or every situation. So why not have a quick call with me to see if my expertise and mojo are what you need right now? There’s absolutely no obligation, and at the very least, I will send you on your merry way with a resource to move you forward. Not a bad deal if you ask me.

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If time is running out and despite your best efforts, you can’t get unstuck, AND you are ready to look deep within, then you want to join the Born To Flourish program.

It’s a six-month intensive designed to facilitate your healing from your painful or traumatic past and provide the tools you need to overcome the self-doubt, fear, and judgment that keeps you stuck in place, not moving forward, not blossoming. You were Born To Flourish and this program will assist you in quickly creating a rich life of meaning, purpose, and that emotional freedom and joy you are craving!

If you want to Flourish, and you want to create massive change in your life in a relatively short amount of time, this program is for you.

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Online Growth & Healing Circle

What if you could go on retreat every month?

Make time for your inner knowing to come forth…
Reset to find your north star…
Rebalance heart and mind…

Inner Sanctuary, a monthly online growth and healing circle, is open to women and men who are willing to enter and hold safe space, go deep, and find their center. Each session will begin with an ease-ful guided meditation, followed by a bit of teaching, reflection, journal writing, and discussion. We close the circle with a group energy healing that leaves you feeling inspired and in love with your life.

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Not sure what the best fit is for you?


No problem at all. I’m here to help with that. Just schedule a call with me and we’ll hash it all out and discover what is in your highest good right now. In this call, you’ll get crystal clear on what you’d like to create in your life. You’ll fully see the roadblocks in your way so you can truly transform them, and using my intuitive gifts I’ll make specific recommendations to help you create a fulfilling life of emotional freedom. And if you’d like to know more about what my support would look like, it’s a chance for us to discuss that as well. 

Whaddya say? Ready for a little clarity?


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Why Work With An Energy Healer?

Unless you’re like me, you may not spend too much time thinking about the fact that we are energetic beings, governed by the laws of energy, more so than we are physical beings governed by the laws of matter. I’m referring to the split between Newtonian physics (that tells us we are all separate physical beings) vs. quantum physics that indicates we are more wave than particle, more energy than mass. (Granted, we’ve been raised to believe only in matter, in what we can see, touch, taste, and hear so it takes awhile to break free from this conditioning.)

Yes, we are physical beings having a spiritual experience. But it’s more accurate to say we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. 

So when it comes to rewiring our habitual thinking and/or our physiology (our neural networks, and our body’s habitual modus operandi), we can use the laws of matter (which takes a long time), or we can use the laws of energy. In the latter, change is often affected in mere moments, rather than over a lifetime.

This means that working with an energetic healer can garner very fast results. And it is results we are after. When people ask me how my work differs from traditional therapy, my reply is, “Both therapy and energy healing are therapeutic, however, therapy is process-oriented, while energy healing is results-oriented.”

I’ve been a student of the world of energy, spirit, astral projection, and all manner of woo-woo since I was in my teens, after experiencing things I could not rationally explain. After quite a lengthy detour, it makes a lot of sense that my life journey would bring me ’round to this place of energetic healing and coaching now.

The Deets About Me:

A self-compassion expert, Anné helps women ditch the self-doubt, self-judgment, fear, and stuckness in favor of emotional freedom, clarity, and purpose in order to create grounded, centered, love-filled  lives for themselves. She uses a skillful blend of kick-ass energetic healing and life coaching. Her superpower is listening, followed by asking probing questions that upend old paradigms that no longer serve you.

Anné M. Klint is a certified PSYCH-K® facilitator, Reiki II practitioner, and has studied the Emotion Code with it’s founder, Dr. Bradley Nelson. She has earned CE credits from The Institute for Brain Potential, as well as the Institute for Functional Medicine. Klint holds a BFA in Photography (of all things!) from the California College of Arts and Crafts.

What People Say About Working With Me:


“I have always experienced a very low but consistent level of anxiety when interacting with people – subtle enough that I’m not sure I was aware until it was gone! It was an eagerness to please people, to make them comfortable, ultimately in hopes they would want to be around me. This is where I noticed the first major shift: I stopped worrying about what other people were thinking, and simply trusted myself. I became more comfortable in my own skin.

This had a positive ripple effect in my life. I now maintain my boundaries with greater ease and effectiveness. I let go of anxiety that was preventing me from thriving at work and in other situations. I’ve shed that outer layer to be more ME. “

– Laura B.




My experience at the Flourish retreat was incredible. Anne is an amazing facilitator, guiding all of us with her gentle spirit and direct nature.

What I learned here has shaped me into a better me and I am very grateful.

Thanks for helping on my journey, looking forward to the next time. 

– Krina


“Anné is not only a great, active listener. She is like a reflector. To work with her is to gaze in the mirror with all the love that I could not give to myself. She saw and heard me in a way that I wished I could see and hear myself my whole life. Now I have this love when I gaze at myself. This is what the work made possible.

Anné also helped me to understand my many complicated feelings and so I learned to label them to better understand my experience. I know now when I am experiencing gratefulness, what it really feels like and also how to enjoy this feeling. Or when I am relaxing, or feeling joy, or love. I am also now more able to trust these good feelings.”

– Petra M.